Anthony Sullivan Comes Clean

When you think of Anthony Sullivan, odds are you think of him as the face of OxiClean or that guy parodied in Jaboody Dubs videos. You probably don’t think of him as a masters triathlete and former nationally ranked swimmer in his home country of England.

Earlier this week, I sat down with Sully for a wide-ranging conversation about his first race of the season, how he came to the sport, how success in business and success in triathlon require some of the same skills, and what he has learned from his friendships with some of the leading pros in the sport.

We also talk about his experiences at the Island House Triathlon, spending time at Hotel Domestique with George Hincapie, Lance, Bobby Julich, and Christian Vande Velde; and and the best worst idea that’s likely coming to a pool near you, the beer swim.

Take a listen. I think you’ll enjoy the conversation as much as we did.

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